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Computergestuurde lieren voor delicate projecten-en

Montelec Antwerpen bvba - Wuustwezel - Smart winchesSpecializes in 'smart' winch monitoring and winch control techniques

Many relocation projects require a precise measurable control and monitoring of various parameters such as power, pull force, line speed, line tension and initial breakaway moment. Wich are used eg when pulling underground cables, placing power lines, driven pile postioning, mooring cable monitoring, winch or drive wheel synchronization,... etc.

At Montelec we use PLC, high quality frequency converters, multisensors and datalinks.

Small or infinitely large load movements. Every possible configuration ranging from "master-slave" configurations to self-balancing coupled parallel DC or AC winches, in any direction, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, whether it concerns linear or complex (S-shaped) trajectories... Montelec can and will assist you with your more complex hoisting, pulling or positioning projects.