Verkoop en verhuur van lieren, takels en kabels-en

Rental and sale of specialized lifting equipment. Verlinde chain hoists, Beta construction winches/hoists, Red Rooster pneumatic hoists, Zeck pull winches and all accessories such as slings, shackles, etc.

Maintenance and repair of lifting equipment such as winches/hoists,
hydraulic hoists, grabs and grips, (overhead) cranes, all kinds of control cabinets and machine fleets in general.

Comprehensive solutions for pulling, lifting/hoisting and positioning projects, with all associated constructures, electrical installations and control systems, attachment techniques, counterweights, hoisting and pulling cables, transportation and others are included. Expert in smart move and smart positioning of all your projects through the use of intelligent drive technology and controlled steering techniques (winch monitoring) with "smart" winches. Both rental and sales.
A team of experienced, enthusiastic and flexible technicians.

Total solutions for pulling and lifting problems

Not only leases and sells winches, hoists and accessories, but also comprehensive ...


The production is a key issue for most companies; maintenance operations often take second place and have a limited scope.


For the moment we’re working hard to compile all the necessary info to complete the page About us.


specializes in 'smart' winch monitoring and winch control techniques. Many relocation projects require a precise...

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